An intense Rock moment with L.A based band “Love Ghost”

It’s been a while that we did not have a real moment of Rock music. Something to make your soul moving. Well, we were not disappointed with our latest discovery: Their name is Love Ghost, and they are coming straight from L.A.

Cruelly powerful, Love Ghost‘s music, full of deep voices over Bad Brains-ish guitars and lyrics carnage, is compelling. Their latest single “Let it All Burn” illustrate our point and has an incomparable attitude.

The band, consisting of Finnegan Bell (guitar and lead vocals), Ryan Stevens (bass and background vocals), Samson Young (drums and background vocals), Nicky Renard (guitar) and Cory Batchler (keyboards) all have an intriguing creative spirit.  Not surprising that they won the Best Alternative Rock Band. They might continue to choc the music industry.

Love Ghost’s energy is made for performing live and if you don’t have a chance to see them on stage, here is what you will miss with a video of their song “Dead Brother” for a garage performance. you can also discover the single on Spotify.

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