Artist’s spotlight: CB5

Los Angeles based multifaceted musician CB5 is sending a highly intoxicating positive message on his latest single “Perfect”. Churning out an original sound one single and project at a time, he has had the pleasure of working with highly acclaimed musician and composer Dontae Winslow, who inspired him to go even harder in his artistry and creativity.

With a lot of chaos going on in the world, it is a breath of fresh air to hear a record like “Perfect”. As there is no such thing a perfect, CB5 superb production skills allows him to stand out as a producer on the rise. To ensure the success of this release, he enlisted the help of Randy White & LijahT whose musical chemistry is divine. As no one is perfect, CB5 reminds listeners that the imperfections in life about are person is what makes them beautiful not focusing on an abyss that does not assist.

Some lyrics that stand out the most include “Girl ya imperfections make you worth it, Looking at my flaws and you never curve em”. These lyrics can be heard being performed by LijahT in the second verse. Randy White kills the hook effortless setting up the kill each time for Lijah. CB5 did not come to play, showing the world that he is a star in the making having produced such a high quality sound for the world to enjoy.

Press play below to stream CB5’s “Perfect” single featuring LijahT & Randy White, and tap into some positive high frequency vibes.