Artist’s spotlight: Jaydense

Buffalo, NY. Jaydense has released an exciting new album. This album combines the energy of old-fashioned hip-hop with the grain of the modern rap scene.

‘ELEVENTH HOUR’ is a perfect example of Jaydense’s creativity, as it is refreshing, unpredictable, and proves that he will go far in the international game. Unlike other modern rappers, Jaydense really knows how to inject melody into his flow and his performances are eclectic, yet authentic.

‘ELEVENTH HOUR’ is powerful and multidimensional, with balanced bass, and hard-hitting productions by Bulgaria. Jaydense’s rap is charismatic, and he also had the flair to team up with the best artists around such as Jay Millz, Perry August, Yung Ziggy, OPENCEAZN, Kid Tris, & IMYOUNGWORLD. Listen to it now:

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Discover our conversation with him right now:

Tell us who you are and how you started to make music! 

My name is Jaydense & I’m from Buffalo, NY – I’ve been making music & performing music since grade school – I was influenced to start creating by my grandfather (a respected jazz artist in the area). 

What inspires you to write music? 

Besides my grandfather I find inspiration for my music by listening to my favorite MC’s – J. Cole has always been one of my biggest writing inspirations – I’m a fan of real rap (rhythm & poetry) & try to incorporate my jazz/blues roots into my music as much as possible. 

What is your creative process? 

My creative process consists of listening to beats by different producers in attempt to feel something. I make my music based on the sensory around me, when I create I need to be in a positive & warm aesthetic. Once I start creating/writing; I call upon my producer/engineer named Bulgaria to help me make the idea a reality. 

Can you describe your latest release? 

My latest full-length project is my debut album ‘ELEVENTH HOUR’ released August 11th, 2021 – ELEVENTH HOUR was constructed to perfection for over a year by Bulgaria & I – the project contained features from OPENCEAZN, Yung Ziggy, Jay Millz, Young World, Perry August & Kid Tris – this album has surpassed 600,000 streams since it’s release less than 6 months ago 

Can you describe your latest release? 

Shortly after the release of ‘ELEVENTH HOUR’ Bulgaria & I started production for the next album project, & even with the success of the first album; the second album is already suspected & projected to be Jaydense’ best project yet – although production is almost complete on the second album; the release date is still yet to be determined