Best artist of this Monday: Johnny Craven

Monday already, still in lockdown, but ready to start the week on the right foot thanks to our band of the day: Johnny Craven. Discover the outstanding act right now on the-further. 


As radical music lovers who grew up glorifying rock and punk, we were more than happy to discover our band of the day Johnny Craven.
The outstanding artists who are melding underground punk influences with alternative rock is literally a dream come true. The lead singer invites us into their dark, yet overwhelming universe. 
Their latest project is entitled “BLEƎD”, a maxi-single released this month. The main track of the same name sets the tone. Captivating, surprising, and an infectious alt-rock vibe. 

Whereas most emerging musicians create mainstream-oriented tracks in hopes of going viral, Johnny Craven stays true to themselves by delivering a music truly filled with authenticity, hard-hitting beats, intense guitars, and both interesting and memorable lyricism.

“BLEƎD” is one of the best songs you’ll hear this year and one that many listeners will add to their playlists. The project, which also includes b-sides, bonus track and remixes by JAY GORDON (ORGY), NERO BELLUM (NOT MY GOD), MICHAEL W. FORD, GOSTEFFECTS, 6-35, PHILIP LARSEN, AZARIA, is overall a cohesive opus which showcases Johnny Craven’s immense potential, and also places the band amongst other outstanding emerging artists on the planet. 

We can’t wait to follow their steps and we will make sure to keep updated. Don’t worry, we will share everything we know with you. 

Meanwhile, connect with Johnny Craven right now on their social media: