A breath of fresh air with Julian Knoxx

Not everyone can confidently combine the roles of an electronic producer, DJ, and music artist, but Julian Knoxx does it so effortlessly, you can tell that it’s what he lives for. Electronic music has evolved over the years, and it’s great to see artists like Julian who can still sustain our interest in it. 

With the release of his latest single, “Line,” this multi-talented solo artist is always a breath of fresh air from the seemingly clustered music industry. His originality is his strength and how he is able to feature hypnotic progressions, drops, and beats in this single is a clear reflection of his experience in the electronic music industry.

Knoxx believes that he picked his interest in electronic music from a super talented artist, Martin Garrix, at a time; when he had just taken professional lessons on some acoustic instruments. His sudden discovery of his music idol inspired him to become the best he can be as an electronic music artist, and through the years, it has had an immense impact on his career. 

After discovering his idol, Julian began to create his own original music and spent time as a DJ in local clubs. The experience he garnered helped him in producing his debut track, “Never Let Me Go,” which was eventually a part of Spotify’s playlist Friday Cratediggers.

His new single, “Line,” is a perfect blend of creativity and originality, and Knoxx takes the track to a whole new level, unlike anything his fans have ever seen from him. He has shown us that he’s one person we need to look out for on the international electronic music scene in 2021, and Knoxx’s consistency is paying off in leaps and bounds. 

His sound is playful and has the kind of vibes that the dance floors of today really long for, and Knoxx keeps a strict diet of fresh beats with every new release. 

Ultimately, 2021 is that year we are experiencing more of the symphony that only the electronic music scene knows how to deliver, and Knoxx is on the scene at just the perfect time.