Best hip-hop moment of the month thanks to Codename 442

Our focus of the day is on our favourite discovery this week: Codename 442 by 442 Ent.

Their latest opus ‘Codename 442’ sends us straight to a new hip-hop dimension. Believe us, this project will make you start the week in the best way. They team up with the best artists around to unveil only bangers. 

Addictive energy, flawless rap flow and futuristic atmosphere is what you will find. The crew literally opens the gate to a New Era in a game that started to be boring. 

Codename 442 is a project with charisma, technique, attitude: a true musical success that will make waves in the industry. 

Be ready to get addicted. LISTEN TO IT HERE

“The inspiration to write music comes from having nothing and many late nights and early mornings. Our stories made the music, we just lay it down in the booth. Simply put…”