Meet Eminencee, our artist of the day

Born and raised Houstonian (Houston, Texas), Eminencee is a former football player that played some time overseas, also transitioned from street life to an athlete now he is sharing his experiences and his views musically he is also a lyrical bomb threat who is led by his faith with very similar sounds to a conscious rapper he touches on a lot of subjects from world views his stance in his journey his different perceptions relatable viewpoints that have a message for the masses.

Has had his share of struggles prior to music, and how he overcame them. Eminencee developed a strong relationship with God and was blessed with a few former NFL players who mentored him to focus on creativity and a better path in life.

Eminencee has released a great collection of work including “ Perception” “Abstract”, “Temptation” and ” Colors Deluxe” with highly appraised singles such as ” Nipsy” “Wakanda” “Dream Big”, “Love Story” and “Act Up”.

In May 2021, Eminencee released his critically acclaimed album “Grateful” to massive positive response and in late 2021, he released the follow up to “ Grateful” entitled “Wake Up” with the lead single “ Three Eyes” which is getting a great reaction from Music Industry Professionals and emerging fans alike.

He has embarked on a phenomenal journey and is awaiting for the world to cherish his God-given rap skills and undeniable talent.