Discovering the one and only John Santana

Our musical crush today is a passionate songwriter and producer John Santana. He conquered our ears  thanks to his intoxicating music. His latest compilation album, “This is Me (Music is my World)” is a delicate journey through sounds and poetry. John Santana offers 12 tracks full of grace and crafted with amazing creativity.

We are immersed in soft-rock melodies, some pop tinted emotions, and above all, amazing sensations. The music speaks to our soul, no need for superlative, this is purely what we call real music: when emotions meet quality.

In a world of grey news and uncertainty, “This is Me (Music is my World)” is the promise of a journey out of our daily routine, when nothing matters but enjoying the pleasant melodies, the subtle arrangements and the delicious vocal performances.

Dive into John Santana’s music right now, and be ready to be as addicted as we are at the redaction: