Carroll Love introducing an amazing new song, More Than 90 Proof

Carroll Love is an artist with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between different genres and creative influences. Recently, he came out with an outstanding new release titled More Than 90 Proof. This project is a milestone for the artist, and it features a lush, modern sound, which highlights Carrol’s ability to put so many different ingredients together in order to create something quite memorable.

The next track  is yet another example of the artist’s special fondness for earthy sonic flavors and distinctive melodies, keeping things simple, but achieving an excellent result. This song is energetic, but also quite melodic, as the texture of the mix is airy and dynamic and the feel of the performance has a natural vibe: the quintessential Nashville sound!

This track comes warmly recommend listening to this release, especially if you are a fan of artists like rock and country music alike. Although listeners might spot these and other influences, it is undeniable that Carrol managed to concoct an extremely personal sound, which suits the mood of this release.

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