Rory Gillanders explores beautiful acoustic landscapes on his most recent EP: Wilderness

Singer and songwriter Rory Gillanders is all about setting the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and sonic aesthetics. In other words, his music actually defies expectations, as he seamlessly explores a wide range of styles and ideas.

His most recent EP release is titled Wilderness, and it is a wonderful collection of songs that feel authentic and spontaneous. This new musical work is most definitely going to be something that will instantly resonate with you if you are a fan of artists such as Neil Young, Steve Earle, Bob Dylan, Jim Croce or Bright Eyes, among others.

Rory’s mindset is in line with that of those aforementioned iconic songwriters, and although he has definitely “taken notes” from these greats, he also managed to create his personal sonic narrative. Wilderness stands out as a truly touching and meaningful EP, with a strong focus on highlighting the artist’s ability to write songs that are very personal and spontaneous from the very first note, to the last. Not many musicians can accomplish as much!

Find out more about Rory Gillanders, and listen to Wilderness, which is currently available online: