Chantel CeCe Washington has one of those stunning, captivating voices that’s instantly recognizable from her music. Regardless of whether she is taking the stage to perform the national anthem to millions of viewers or if she’s simply performing at birthday parties and open-mic events, her talent shines through. Her unique ability to capture the stage and enrapture the audience’s unwavering attention makes CeCe Washington truly a name to contend with in the music industry.

Her newest single, Body, features Kimmy and was released recently on August 13th, 2021, and became a rapid hit for its inspired lyrics. Meanwhile, her EP, “What is Love,” is bold and powerful; a song that hits all of those right notes gives the listener a feeling of strength and triumph in their own lives.

CeCe’s music is unique in many ways, blending the sounds of Hip Hop music with the more soothing notes of R&B soul vibes and even gospel choir sounds. Nonetheless, her music is such that you’re sure to want to get up and dance when you’re listening – it’s instantly catchy, and anyone who hears her sing is sure to fall in love with the unique style she possesses.

Across Social Media platforms and live, we’re looking forward to seeing further great things from CeCe Washington for the rest of 2021 and into the future. Indeed, as she once said herself, “All things are possible, and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.”