Christopher Dallman Unveils “Digital Blue Remixed”

Milwaukee-based musician Christopher Dallman is our favorite of the day thanks to his latest offering that we have just discovered. 

The project, entitled “Digital Blue Remixed” is a beautiful surprise featuring 10 remixes and 2 B-Sides from a previous pop opus “Digital Blue”. The new version is an impressive record that has elements of electro music with vanguard touches, rich instrumentation, and a sprinkle of trip-hop. Everything that we crave for! 

Dallman collaborated with Calibeats (Blackpool, UK) and SIRPAUL (NYC) on the remixes, to create a thoroughly enjoyable listen from start to finish. An perfect team-work. 

The artist, known for his EP of Britney Spears, shows that he has limitless creativity and that he stands out from the crowd and current trends. He is among those artists who bring new musical flavors to the table. Bravo for “Digital Blue Remixed”. 

Press play right now: