There are those times in your life, when the choice of music is simply too great. We all have them. Sometimes, you just stare at your playlists, your Spotify or YouTube account, and just can’t figure out what you want to hear. Often, we want to listen to multiple genres at the same time, but then, few artists manage to combine multiple genres. Or at least, few manage to do it as well as Christopher the Grey.

Christopher the Grey is an up and coming musician and singer songwriter, whose passion and devotion for music is evident in every little thing that he does. Having grown up in a powerfully musical family, Christopher the Grey inherited this passion rom his parents, and is now carrying on the torch rather masterfully with his genre-bending releases.

The latest of these, the track entitled “If I Didn’t Have You”, is a love song like no other. It blends elements of pop, R&B, hip hop and soul, and makes for a delightful listen that will soon get stuck in your head. 

But then, what else could you expect from an artist like Christopher the Grey? His previous releases, the hugely successful “Butterflies” and “I am sorry”, paved the way to glory for this emotive, highly touching artist. And “If I Didn’t Have You” is simply following in their footsteps. 

What we love about this song, in particular, is that it’s got a sexy rhythm that certainly sets the mood, but isn’t overpoweringly seductive. Instead, Christopher the Grey’s raw and evocative voice comes at you from the speakers, sending out a very true and relatable message of love and desire. It’s easy to relate to, which is what will make this song one of the best musical offerings of 2021. So make sure you jump on the bandwagon!