Vega Missile’s full-concept album release is now available across multiple streaming platforms

Vega Missile’s Full-Concept Album is Modern Techno with a Disco Twist 

February 1, 2021 – As far as musicians go, not much is known about Vega Missile. He’s shrouded in mystery everywhere you turn – save some glorious and imaginative retro-space artwork and a series of groovy tracks across music streaming platforms. The tracks are being released slowly as part of the concept of the album, which is reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic liftoff into space mixed with a love story for the ages. 

The music style is difficult to describe, but it’s labeled as French Electronic, and its uniqueness gives it a special flavor that you just won’t find anywhere else. It’s modern techno, but if you have a more refined musical palate, you’ll taste more than a few hints of disco. There are even some notes of funky pop and LoFi on the back end to bring it all together. 

His website is minimal and features a piece of artwork for each of the 12 tracks on the album. Clicking one of the track names (except for two) will automatically open it on Spotify, which is an interesting and convenient gesture that pulls everything together in a cohesive, imaginative, and fun experience. No other information is provided about Vega Missile. There are just the retro sci-fi artwork and some links to his socials, which lends to the artist’s air of mystery. 

The tracks you can listen to right now are Expansion, Cogito, Love You, Plasma, Warmongers, Fracas, Rush, You Should Stay Here Tonight, Ultima, and Together. However, you won’t find Mayhem or Renegade on any streaming service yet, so be sure to favorite Vega Missile so you can hear the last two of the 12 as soon as they’re released. 

If you’re interested in checking out the artwork or some of the 10 tracks Vega Missile has released from the concept album, visit the website. It’s an interesting and enjoyable experience. Otherwise, you can find Vega Missle on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Amazon Music.