Cloe Givelin, or how to start the week on good notes

Our artist of the day is Cloe Givelin, and we had the opportunity to have a little chat with her. 

Our mission is to bring to light the artists from today and tomorrow, and Cloe Givelin is a singer you should keep an eye on. 

In an area where music is made with machines and electronic beats, Cloe Givelin offers a real musical moment, the best in terms of music quality.

From rock to pop, intense energy, and catchy melodies, her singles “Thankyou for Leaving Me”, and “Day by Day” are gifts for our ears.

Press play right now and discover our interview with her below:


What inspires you to write and create music?

I am quite an emotional person, always feel like I got a lot to express. Since I was a child, I realized I looked different, my biracial identity brings some kinds of loneliness in my life, I always feel like I couldn’t fit in the mass. Music is my sanctuary, brings an emotional connection to me, something I couldn’t find in a real life. I always think one day I will share my stories and thoughts with the world.

Can you describe your creative process?

It’s pretty spontaneous, my inspiration comes from everywhere: maybe a call, maybe something I saw on the street.

When I wrote “Day by Day”, my inspiration comes from the reply from the cashier lady in a cake shop. The pandemic has just started and I asked her if the shop still opening tomorrow. She told me “We are taking it day by day”. Instantly inspires me to write a song.

In a pandemic, the world is on a pause. It gives a chance for people to reflect on their life, everything can be changed in a second, what is the change you want to make after we return to normal. What kind of attitude to survive every day? To me, I wanna make sure I don’t have any regrets every night I go to bed.

Can you tell us more about your latest release?

I have released two tracks last month,”Thankyou for leaving me” and “Day by Day”, they shared similar feel-good vibes, I want to bring joy to people, when my audience listens to my songs, I hope they can feel upbeat and happy, doesn’t mean I don’t write sad songs, I did too, but in this period I just want to vibrate with some good vibes.

For “Thankyou for leaving me”, it is a song about moving on to a new chapter of life without someone you are closed to, in my case, it is about my close friend, someone who we used to share life together, like we made life decisions together, a few years ago I wouldn’t imagine I can live without that person like we used to talk every day and message every day, but then I realized the world is big, there are so many great people I haven’t met yet, sometimes I wondered, if I didn’t go through the “non-relationship” break up with him, I wouldn’t meet all the new people and the new journey in my life throughout these years. And I surely won’t be in New York.

Breaking up is not a bad thing, it is an exit that leads to a new entrance. A new chapter.

What can we expect from you for the coming months?

I have got my 3rd song in progress, I would say it belongs to the same series as the previous two. It is called ”Love is just a chemical “, hopefully coming in a month.

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