Discovering French artist Cinaye

Cinaye is a multi-talented artist coming straight from France. With his latest offering “1er Degré”, the rapper showcases all his talent and eclecticism between deep lyrical content and multi-genre tracks from urban pop to trap, passing by melodic instrumentations.

“1er Degré” has an introspective touch that will speak to the audience, and that highlight Cinaye‘s passion for music and his artistic generosity. 

Press play and Rendez-vous below to discover Cinaye in 5 questions!

Who is Cinaye?

A project produced in the Bedroom Pop tradition, this EP is the pure product of one person. For these 10 years of underground career, Cinaye has shared an introspective project.

What inspires you to write lyrics and music?

A piece is associated with a colour, a feeling, a subject, to be a step closer to a richer musical universe.

Does Cinaye have a specific creative process?

From a film, a feeling or a subject, Cinaye shares a vision, a feeling to touch and share humanist music which federates.

How could we describe Cinaye’s music and this latest release?


Like a sincere fresco, Cinaye is a complex artist and accessible which sheds light on its reflection to share it with the greatest



Ranging from the classical orchestra to urban pop, through the Japanese drill, and gospel: Each song is designed to bring additional nuances to all of his music canvas.


Introspection bringing depth, sensitivity, and contrast, it deals with identity, sense of duty, religion, modernity, the illusion of love, inheritance, …

What are Cinaye’s future plans?

2 other projects will be released from July. In the first as in the second, and until the burn third degree, this series of EP will cross the whole artist’s spirit to decompose his whole universe. Through his doubts and its sounds, Cinaye makes you embark on a world full of colours and nuances to share a vision, a place, and a unique sensitivity and eclectic.


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