Our addiction of the day: ‘Dancing Without You’ by Melotika

If you are looking for positive sensations and sunny melodies let us introduce you to our top artist of the day Melotika.

Known on stage as her alter ego Melotika, Mel Yelle’s latest offering is entitled ‘Dancing Without You’, an addictive summer hit. This “feel-good” and uplifting single transports you into an electro-pop journey, with dance hints. Rocked by old-school synthesizers, and infectious vocal performance, the song has a huge replay value and we’ll make you dance all day.

Thanks to ‘Dancing Without You’ nothing matters, except feeling strong, confident, and happy.  Thank you Melotika for this musical gift!


Discover Melotika in 5 questions below:

What inspires you to write music?

I started writing my first poems and lyrics when I was about 7-8. I still have that little journal to this day. Growing up music was always my escape, and writing my own lyrics was just a little hobby. I remember in elementary school performing songs and dance routines to my classmates and family at home. As a teen, I used to hide when I would sing so nobody could hear me at work any chance I got! Now, mainly my struggles and life experiences always inspire me to write music. I have a desire to empower others through my experiences and songs, and want others to discover the beauty and confidence within themselves through my music.

How is your creative process?

My process is always different. For the upcoming album material, I was going over old lyrics and poems I wrote as a teen, reinventing them and writing new stuff. I recorded demos on Pro Tools at home to send to my producer Sean Savage. The back and forth creative flow happened very naturally. From Montreal, I commuted twice to Toronto to record the album. One track that will be on the album is produced by my friend, Twocann. For the first time, I also introduced an additional songwriter other than myself to help write one of the songs, “Gory Gloriana”. It was an awesome collaborative experience, sort of like being in a band.

Can you tell us more about your latest release?

Influenced by the 80’s, 90’s and House music, ‘Dancing Without You’ continues to tell stories from the upcoming album of the same name. With a new school take on Electropop, ‘Dancing Without You’ tells a euphoric and empowering story about moving on from the past with a new love and never looking back. This song is inspired by real life events from a traumatic break up in 2014, and falling for someone new in 2015 who I am still with today. I started writing this song right when the pandemic hit in late March 2020. The original was a jam demo inspired with a friend I met online. I was bummed out that the song wasn’t going to go anywhere so I took my melodies and lyrics and recreated the song while the pandemic was still going on. I felt like the world needed some good energy.

What do you plan for the future?

Tons of new music and hitting the stage.

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