Discovering Kennedy Monique with Her Surprising Hit, “Do Me Right”

Kennedy Monique, a Franco-American artist with Senegalese roots, is ready to make waves in the music scene from her base in LA.

Her latest release, “Do Me Right,” is the epitome of a summer anthem. This track seamlessly blends R&B with vibrant Afro rhythms, accompanied by soulful guitar melodies that tug at the heartstrings.

What sets this song apart is its surprising lyrical content, incorporating touches of French that add a unique charm to the composition and Monique’s powerful voice.

With an infectious energy, “Do Me Right” has undoubtedly become the most delightful surprise of the summer, leaving listeners craving more of KennedyMonique’s musical artistry. 

Press play and read our conversation with her below:

Welcome to our redaction! Tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

I’m Kennedy Monique; an actor, model and singer-songwriter.
My introduction to music came when I first picked up the violin as a kid. In addition to the classical instrument, I also sang in my school’s chorus. 5 years ago, I started writing my own music and finally decided to start releasing it last year. My music is a fusion between afrobeats & R&B. It’s music with a message a lot of people can relate to and dance too.

What is your creative process?

Sometimes I come up with an idea for a melody and lyrics and then present it to my producer who will create something from my vision. Other times, my producer will send me to a track and I let it inspire me. The melody comes and then the lyrics. Then I go into the studio and record my vocals. I often get inspired when I’m driving around LA.

How would you describe your latest release?

My latest release, ‘Do Me Right’ fuses the rhythms of Afrobeats & R&B. It was lyrically inspired by real life relationship experience and realizing my worth. It was produced by LA based producer, nineelevenbeats with Grenada based producer, RTONTHABEAT. It’s available to stream on all streaming platforms.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I plan on releasing an EP by the end of this year and a couple more single releases before that. I’m always creating, whether it’s music, acting or modeling and am excited for the future.

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