Discovering the fabulous Margarita Berrier

Today, we invite you into a magical musical moment thanks to Margarita Berrier who made us discover RZEWSKI, Frederic “Les Moutons de Panurge” (1969) 12’.

The pianist and harpsichord player focuses her work on Polish composers’ music, and through this latest piece, she places herself among the list of the rare outstanding artists of 2023. 

Margarita Berrier is a complete artist that offers poetic arrangements and timeless recitals. Kyiv-born, she also lived in Poland, Belgium and the USA where she received three masters in music.

We are not surprised to know that her talent lead her to win several international music competitions in Europe and the USA and she performed in festivals in Belgium, France, Poland and the Bay Area, California.

At a period where music is neglected, made with machines, Margarita Berrier gives a lesson and honours music in all its glory. We can’t wait to see her evolution in the near future as she is preparing a project involving 20th-century compositions from her native country.

In the meantime, listen to this magistral piece of art :