The return of Mellah Nix to end the week right

You already know Mellah Nix, one of our best musical revelation of the year. Today, we have the pleasure to rediscover his music through “Who You calln Weird Bro”, produced by IV.

The melodic hip-hop track offers epic melodies and infectious rap bars. Hard-hitting and intense, the instrumental perfectly blends with all the flows we can hear throughout the track. It sounds flawless, powerful, almost threatening. 

Enter this addictive experience below : 


Know more about Mellah Nix and his work  in 3 facts : 

1. “Who you calln weird bro” prod IV,  is a song that’s been in the catalog for awhile

2. It’s already out in addition to that there’s the song CYBAHBODIY prod @adothegod x andreonthebeat which was inspired by the dark elements of solitude especially when you’re wanting and striving to be light.

3/ Mellah Nix’ creativity promises to inspire the world!
4/ The quote that represents him: “Not respecting yourself and others is deadly”.