Discovering the wonderful Isabel Marcheselli

We start the new year with Isabel Marcheselli, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist coming straight from New York. The artist, also a member of Isabel and The Whispers consisting of Alec Menge (drums), Octavio Padron (guitar) and Scott Gleason (bass), warmed our hearts up thanks to her latest track “HOUSE OF DREAMS – RUNWAY REMIX”.

The record is a mash-up of several of her musical successes, a remix that effortlessly blends electronic genres, with hints of pop-soul colours.

Isabel Marcheselli offers avant-garde work with contagious melodies that will make you dance to celebrate 2022. The artist meets our expectations in terms of creativity and we wonder why we did not discover her before.

Cinematic, “HOUSE OF DREAMS – RUNWAY REMIX”, is also mesmerizing from start to finish. This is real music: