Seattle-based multi-faceted artist Rucker Synder immerses us in a whole new world to explore with his intoxicating Too Fast ’. Offering an original sound, a new concept, he proves that it is possible to bring music into new eras.

As the industry creates clones, the song is a breath of fresh air. The production unveils a completely new and captivating sound experience. Rucker Synder, who has been making music from a young age, stands out with an unexpected flow between lo-fi hip hop and laid-back vocal performance.

“Too Fast” sends you from the first moments in psychedelic landscapes, a haunting imagination. We imagine ourselves, flying through clouds and not thinking about anything. Amazing and addictive from start to finish.

Let’s be honest, it’s rare to find such creativity in the game today, and Rucker Synder makes a great first impression on our editorial staff. We can’t wait to discover more of his music in the future because he is one of the greatest musical revelations of 2021, and beyond.

Hit play below and tap into some unique vibes: