Dive into “I Think We’re Cursed”, by the extraordinary Birds in the Car

Our weekend start on a perfect note thanks to our electrifying discovery of the day: the band Birds in the Car. 

Consisting of Dylan Staple (clean vocalist), Kobi Backus (dirty vocalist) and Shane Archer Reed (everything, except drums), the team has released a musical blessing, an EP entitled “I Think We’re Cursed”. From “Mastermind” to “midnight Curse”, the opus immerse the audience into an addictive universe, a story that caught our full attention.

The project which is built over guitar-infused productions, electrified our soul, shook our feelings, and made us have a musical moment out of this earth. The 6 tracks combine powerful melodies between metal, rock and punk, and above all, incomparable vocal performances.

In an area where the music started to go in a circle, Birds in the Car offer real lyrical content with cinematic touches and true contagious energy. Believe us, “I Think We’re Cursed” live in your head for days or even weeks.

See by yourself: