Dive into the incredible world of Sebb Argo & Dion Yorkie

Sebb Argo and Dion Yorkie are the definition of “couple goals”. They invite us into their stories and relationship, and the couple honours freedom and creativity in all its glory. We have just discovered them with “sus”, the best track to accompany our month with originality. 

The title immediately sets the tone as the queer artist unveils an intense electro-pop hit with solid rhythms and outstanding vocal lines.

Between singing, spoken words and an epic structure, the story follows two homies at the gym who form a connection by acting sus with each other: this is easy to listen to, engaging and makes us smile all along with the song.

“sus” is an anthem that you need to listen to right now. Press play and read our conversation with the incredible Sebb Argo and Dion Yorkie below : 

Welcome to our redaction! Tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

We are a queer couple based in Toronto. We have been doing videos online for over 10 years and music for 5! Creativity has always been a common theme in our relationship. This pushed us to start creating music and experimenting with sounds and storytelling techniques.

What inspires you to write and create?

I find it fascinating that any experience in life can be told to others through music. Often times I’ll be talking to friends and they will tell me about what they are going through and I just start making a song in my mind about it. Writing songs is an addiction!

What is your creative process?

We like to sit down and think of what is the main theme of the song we are creating. We then bounce off ideas from each other and come up with hooks and lines. It is truly amazing how collaborative our work is. Sometimes we’ll have a whole song in a matter of minutes.

How could you describe your latest release?

The word sus is short for suspicious. This word became a meme to describe when two straight CIS men act ‘gay’ around each other. Multiple straight creators used this ‘trend’ to queerbait and make fun of gay people. We decided to take back the narrative and turn ‘sus’ into a gay anthem! It is one of our most experimental and satirical tracks.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Dion is currently self-producing his debut album while Sebb is busy writing a novel about their love story. We are hoping to release both of these projects later this year, hopefully before October since our wedding will be then! Busy year ahead of us but we are loving every second of it!