Dive into The World of “Green Velvet” by Lavito

Our musical adventure today took us on a unique sonic journey: “Green Velvet” by Lavito.

Right from the opening track “Green”, we were invited to dive headfirst into the captivating world of the artist and his unique recipe, blending deconstructed rhythms with a soft, subtle voice: instantly enchanting!

The following nine tracks are a masterful mix of originality, fusing R’n’B, hints of new soul, and head-bobbing beats. The artist showcases remarkable eclecticism, exploring varied sounds. For instance, “Viaje” featuring J Mitzu transports us with Afro influences, while “Healing” immerses us in mesmerizing electro-pop melodies.

The collaborations on this project add even more diversity, promising to set the tone for your entire summer.

“Shadows” proves to be the perfect soundtrack, combining electro hues with an enchanting atmosphere. Get ready to celebrate life and freedom with this rich and inspiring music. Press play: