DJ Paula Frost is ready to unveil her debut explosive single entitled “Oxygen Tank”

With our exclusive discovery of the day, we have everything that we need for an energetic day, full of explosions, experiences and grace. 

Her name is DJ Paula Frost, she comes straight from London and with her new single “Oxygen Tank”, she is going to make a name for herself. 

The artist who already toured all around the globe and who is known for mixing Drum N Bass with other music genres like Punk or Jungle will unveil on the 20th of March a brand new single. We invite you to listen to her on her weekly drivetime radio show on one of the UK’s top community stations Kane 103.7 FM every Thursday from 3-5 pm. 

We were very pleased to hear that “Oxygen Tank” could be extracted from an upcoming EP … Make sure you won’t miss it and follow DJ Paula Frost.

You can Pre-order the single NOW: Click here. 

Meanwhile, discover the video