Eli Hawkins: the unique discovery of the month

Our artist of the day is one of a kind. He goes by the name of Eli Hawkins and gave us hope in hip hop and creativity again. 

In an area where all rappers tend to sound the same and take no risk, Eli Hawkins’s new album “4 DA LUV OF E” is outstanding and unique from “Keep Swining” to “Eye 4 Eye”. 

The 12 tracks alternative hip hop project delivers memorable energy between Lowfi, RnB touches, and hints of jazzy melodies. Not only the album has a rare sense of creativity but it is also perfect musically. 

Eli Hawkins is a beautiful surprise and has without a doubt a well-deserved place among the greatest artists like Kendrick Lamar, Mick Jenkins, or Isaiah Rashad to only name a few.

Discover “4 DA LUV OF E” right now:

‘“ 4 Da Luv of E” is about the last three years of my life and all the things I had to overcome from toxic relationships, family issues, betrayal, figure out who I am in life, and trying to become a man. The prices behind this project were very therapeutic and I really go into detail about my life and things I’ve seen growing up that help shape me into who I am today that’s why I called it the “4 da luv of Eli” cause it’s my story and after listening to it you have no other choice to understand me and love me.’ Eli Hawkins