Emerald Suspension left us out of time with “Eruption”, his new Ep

As you might know now, At the-Further we like artists willing to break the codes of the music industry and creative spirits capable of the unexpected.

We need the right dose of uninhibited art and experimentation to feel alive! We could not find better with “Eruption”, Emerald Suspension’s new Ep. The Minnesota-based band offers a fresh air in the artistic landscape. A mix of music and sounds coming from another world.

This unorthodox way to do music changes us from conventional habits. Let us illustrate our point with one of our favourite tracks: General Random. Intense guitar melodies as we can find in rock, interesting electronic touches, and noise coming from nowhere: simply a unique and strong artistic research.

Emerald Suspension has the power to create this type of chaos, in which we were happy to dive into without hesitation.

We recommend you to discover “Eruption” now if you want to live a unique and special experience.