The band ‘Image’ is back with “Who do you Love”

Smooth like silk is how to best describe “Who do you Love” by Image. Combining real and pure R&B vocals, with beautiful musicality and Soul stylings, this San Diego-formed band consisting of Johnnie McKnight, Kenneth Sexton, Jeff Nixon and Palmer Perkins has created something truly wonderful.

It is not surprising to also hear that the hit “Who do you Love” has been written by Charles Simmons, a Platinum Producer. The collaboration between such incredible artists offers a pleasant musical moment and we are back to the good old days were music used to be treated like magic. The five minutes track is simply a true happiness.

You are struck by the smooth timbre of voices claiming all of your attention and the extraordinary music arrangements: real black music, unique sensations. Live the experience and listen to this jewel, “Who do you Love” by IMAGE: Click Here