Emma Dupéré : like an angel of sorts

Emma Dupéré, is a French Canadian singer-songwriter and she is like an angel of sorts. With this new single « Peace » she has been uplifting us literally and metaphorically through her genre-defying melodies that can be defined as rich music brimming with inspiring themes.

She utilizes some blissful guitar play accompanied by a sumptuous cello that touches even the hardest of hearts.

The entire deluxe and respondent melodic glow that calls to the heavens is backed splendidly by her own pure and polished vocals and sings over the grandiose instrumentation with her powerful voice of gold.

The is a grand finale with the backing choir at the end singing with their angelic voices-bringing emotional rollercoaster to a powerful end !

The truth of the matter is that there’s always been more than enough hatred, wars, and death in the world for anyone’s taste and that is why in these crashing and atrocious eras, we need this message now more than ever !