Enter the musical world of Marvelous Xe

Marvelous Xe is reaching out to enchant the world with her stunning music.

Beautifully crafted in a mystical atmosphere, her discography, including the fabulous “Viper” reveals how music has the power to unite us all. Her music reflects the national tension surrounding police brutality, black lives and LGBTQIA issues and is made of experimental soundscapes, haunting vocals and an unworldly intense instrumentation.

This charismatic Afro-latina performer shares a message of love and a real musical experience beyond a specific genre.

Our hearts beat while the beats pulse, and our soul flies into new universes thanks to the gracious arrangements. 

“Viper” is spectacular and showcases the LA artists radiant style and the multiple reasons why she’s one of the most exciting figures found anywhere within the music-scene today, through her authentic gift for creating cross-cultural sound that knows no borders. 

Listen to “Viper”, which also feature Grammy-winning Engineer and Producer Brendan Dekora.