The hit of the day: “Rücken an der Wand” by ToMiK

Only Tuesday, but we have the jam we all need to face another week of hard work. Our best band of the day ToMiK has offered the catchiest track of the season: “Rücken an der Wand”.

The record is the definition of a hit and makes you believe in music and creativity again. Extracted from the “Mit offenen Augen” album, “Rücken an der Wand” delivers an authentic rock flavour with impressive musical quality.

The vocal performance is addictive and gives power to the audience, that will also instantly connect to the meaningful lyrical content.

Dive into it NOW :

“We not only want to address critical topics in our songs, but also process personal experiences and decisions. Because we are all not perfect, we hope that our own experiences are also meaningful for many other people and show: You are not alone!”. ToMiK.