Envi Royal: our musical surprise today

Today, we discovered Envi Royal, who is now on our list of the best rising artists of 2022. At the-further, we even wonder why we did not know her before!

She made an incredible impression on our redaction thanks to her single “Ain’t No Reason”, extracted from the “CLOSURE” album, and proves that R’N’B is not dead. The track is indeed a stunning ballad that showcases Envi Royal’s flawless vocal performance and vocal tone, like honey. 

Produced by HITWORLD, “Ain’t No Reason” is sexy, with its melodic, old-school tinted instrumental, to which Envi Royal adds her delightful and delicate modern twist. The record deserves to continue being heard widely, as it raises the level of the current industry.

Dive into it right now and add this gem to your best playlists :