Fresh Hip-hop with Maine Pg, our revelation of the weekend

At the-further, our mission is to discover the artists who will make the music of tomorrow. Maine Pg is one of the next super stars, thanks to his stand out hip-hop music.  

The rapper made a strong impression to our redaction and we know we were listening to something special when we heard the first track “Powerful Mindset”.

Maine Pg, real name Jermaine Kerith Marshall, delivers a unique signature blending an authentic rap that perfectly complete the soulful, intriguing productions. His flow is sharp, intense, with an amazing lyricism. Believe us, this is rare in an industry that tended to create tasteless recipes.

Maine Pg’s discography is full of high notes and suprirses, he proves he can adapt to many genres from old-school to new-school. Honestly, Maine Pg proves that hip-hop is not dead and he saves the game: