“Far From A Rich Kid” Is The new banger by Basseline

We start the new week on a high note thanks to “Far From A Rich Kid”, the single signed Basseline

We are more than excited to announce that London hip-hop artist Basseline has just released the best track of the month. Indeed, “Far From A Rich Kid” is addictive from start to finish, unveiling the singer/rapper’s unique recipe between rap, afrobeat, and touches of Pop music.

Produced by KayzBeatz, the single offers singular creativity and a vanguard artistic approach coming from the future. You know our love for UK music, well, once you listen to “Far From A Rich Kid”, you understand why we are so obsessed with it.

The incomparable flow, the unique recipe, the exceptional bars, the infectious positive energy: “Far From A Rich Kid” is definitely the track of the season, and even more…

“Being an open book can sometimes be liberating and I am ecstatic about this release. This is personal to me, a single I truly believe in and I hope listeners embrace it the same way I have.”