“Forget Me”: the new single by rising singer Eva Constance, out now!

Eva Constance, aka Chanteuse Green, is among the list of our best 2021 artists, and since we discovered her, she is constantly growing and rising to a higher level.

We discovered the singer with her debut single “Selfish”, and we immediately fell in love. Let’s be honest, it is a rare thing in an area where many artists sound the same.

following the success of “Tangler” and her collaboration with famous artist Tr3Day! on”You’re Mine”, her latest single is entitled “Forget Me”.

 Once again, the song stands out from the crowd thanks to Eva Constance‘s creativity between alternative RnB and smooth, soulful vocal tone. The song is another gift, appealing and haunting, an anthem making people remember not only who SHE is, but helping others remember who they are/were to others who left them.

“Forget Me” is now on repeat in our Spotify playlist and will make our weekend, and more:


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