Veve C unveils the outstanding “Breeze”

We’re at the end of the summer, and we needed something fresh to start the new season. We have just discovered Veve C, real name Vanessa Maryanne Cheatham, is an emerging artist we are excited about. She is an artist who will make a lot of noise this year.

Coming from a family of excellent musicians, Veve C’ new single “Breeze” delivers high energy, coloured by futuristic sounds. The eclectic artist offers a new hip-hop world, a captivating banger between mystic sonorities and hard-hitting beats.

“Breeze” is haunting, catchy and very easy to listen to. It is outstanding and showcases Veve C’ immense talent and artistic potential with global appeal.
Press play and Rendez-vous below to discover her in 5 questions:


Tell us who you are and how you started to do music 

Well, my full name is Vanessa Cheatham but call myself Veve C. My nickname was given to me by my family since I was born and my uncle Rod would always say “Hey Veve!” so it stuck to me. I consider myself as a fun, light-hearted person with a ball of energy and I never changed myself for who I am. I tipped toed around doing music since I was in elementary school years making funny recordings of different songs I would write to my dads electric piano with the pre-made sounds with my friends and goof around thinking we made number 1 hits. I pray y’all don’t get the chance to hear them!

What inspires you?

Every time I look into the sky or feel an intense feeling writing always calmed my nerves. I actually don’t remember how I had the mind process of writing when I was in elementary school but I remember developing my flow style in high school when I performed a song called “Maximum” for a talent show (not released yet). With the reaction I got from the crowd I knew I had to keep going.

Do you have a specific creative process?

The main thing I consider in my thought process is imagination and visions. I always think about the times I felt the most affected (or triggered) to write out my feelings and encounters. Sometimes I use a rhyme website to help with keeping my flow consistent but still make sense of what I’m trying to say.

Can you tell us more about your latest release?

My current released album “Veveology” (which was released on 9/3/21 and fully produced by my brother Shawn Cheatham Jr or STC Productions) I describe as the scientific way of my life. Basically meaning that every experience I went through (good or bad) had its lessons and reasons and my songs will reflect on what I went through and what I did (or didn’t do) to overcome it.

What can we expect from you in the future?

It would be more than amazing and humbling for me to share the stage with greats like Beyonce, Rihanna (my fav), Drake, Missy Elliot, and sooooooo much more!! I want to inspire the world that you can do anything that you put your mind to as long as you want it.

“Breeze” is also on iTunes HERE