Into the powerful sound of NOAPOLOGY

Our featured band of the day is the incredible NOAPOLOGY, whose music will leave a lasting impression on us. The Ukrainian band draws inspiration from rock, sometimes dark, sometimes hard, to create a discography full of powerful and meaningful songs with exceptional lyricism and arrangement.

NOAPOLOGY’s sound is like a cry from the heart, a poetry sung with force and determination. The singer’s voice is simply incredible, deep, with an amazing vocal range and unique textures. 

Immerse yourself in NOAPOLOGY’s art and experience its transformative power, and see you below to read our conversation with them:

Welcome to our redaction. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you started to make music?

We are a rock band from Kyiv, Ukraine. Under the name NOAPOLOGY we’re working since 2022. But the band was started as a YouTube cover duo “Sershen&Zaritskaya” by the singer Daria Zaritskaya and the guitar player Sergey Sershen. In 2017 drummer Dmitry Kim and bass player Alex Shturmak have joined the band. We’ve been performing covers until 2022 and then after the war in Ukraine started we’ve decided to move on to the original music. So we’ve changed the name to NOAPOLOGY and here we are.

What inspires you to create music?

Life from all its sides. At the moment we’re getting so much emotions from the situation in our country and of course it influences our music.

How would you describe your create process?

We (Daria and Sergey) are the people behind the songwriting. We compose songs, make arrangements, demos and then the whole band plays it. The song creation can be started with the vocal melody created by Daria and then shaped with the music by Sergey and also it can be started with the raw instrumental and the vocal melody is being composed on the top of it.

Can you present our latest release to our readers?

Our latest track is called “Deadhearted”. It was released on April 1st. It is a dark heavy track which tells about the people who have lost the connection between each other because of different political views.