Discover BETAWELT: A Sonic Journey with “My Body” EP

BETAWELT, a duo we are delighted to discover today with their EP “My Body,” is our pick for the best EP of the day. It opens with “My Body” (radio mix), which has particularly caught our attention, offering a potential hit we can’t wait to hear on all our favorite radio stations. Its electro-pop touch, tinged with retro colors, makes it stand out. The club version, blending electro and house music, hits hard and will surely get your body moving.

Following this, “The Mover,” an instrumental track, leans more towards techno-house with a psychedelic twist. Then comes the powerful “One More Time,” featuring intense bass and maddening beats, accompanied by a repetitive rap touch that seems designed to possess the listener.

The EP concludes with “Focus On The Lights,” where we find that retro touch in the bass synths and an addictive energy from the beats, delivering a wild electro house vibe. The voice samples from another planet guide us towards letting go completely!

Dive into the sonic experience of “My body” now: