Into the stories of Yo-Blake’s “By My Own”

Whether you’re in the mood for introspective music or maybe you’re still feeling those Saturday vibes, no matter what your mind is craving, Yo-Blake‘s newest release ‘By My Own’ is the perfect opus to listen to all day. 

What makes the artist’s recipe so catchy and special is his unique vision and genre-blending signature. From “Alive” to “Far Away”, each track is surprising, an offer an eclectic sonic vision. A mysterious pop, some touches of EDM, subtile colours of vanguard Hip-Hop, and above all, original vocal performances: “By My Own” is a true journey through sounds and free creativity.

Yo-Blake bares his soul all along the project to share his struggles, his doubts and joys, through meaningful and relatable lyrical contents. The artist knows how to captivate the attention captivate the attention with his stories and emotional, honest and engaging music. 

“By My Own” is the perfect song for everyone, presenting an intense and powerful atmosphere that makes people move their head, releasing the tension, wether they are alone or not. The hard-hitting electronic track is a celebration of self love.

There you have it, your reason to stream “By My Own” and Yo-Blake onto your playlist: