The sweetness of the day: “what are we?” by Pepe Dadon

Pepe Dadon is an underrated versatile artist that we fell in love with thanks to his silky track “what we are?”. Of the multiple songs that we listen to all day, this one is one of the most addictive we’ve heard. 

The track is exactly what we needed to keep believing in real art, where quality meets creativity and the artist creates with limitless sonorities. Pepe Dadon delivers a sweet RNB voice and a sexy vocal line, that perfectly completes the soulful production filled with trap-inspired rhythms and poetic guitars.

“what we are?” honours musical expression with finesse and grace, press play right now:


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“After releasing “what are we” it added a slower piece to my discography. I took my feelings and tied them into every line with no mistakes in the power of my words. the sound has a strong guitar and acoustic sound to complement the runs of my voice to show how deep this song meant to me.” Pepe Dadon.