Into the world of DETHHAUS

On this very cold day, you may need a musical moment that will warm your hearts up. Our revelation of the day, Dethhaus, has offered this possibility, and their project will allow you to disconnect from the grey daily routine. 

“Dethhaus 2” is the band’s new offering, a 2-track opus honouring music and creativity in all its glory. Indeed, these pieces of art deliver authentic surf-rock energy, dominated by addictive guitars and solid rhythm.

The arrangements are subtly coloured by retro-garage touche, while the vocal performances, nostalgic and with familiar tones, also give that punk feeling in a certain way.

“Dethhaus 2” is a charismatic delivery and we want the opus to never end. Press play and enter the world of Detthaus right now:


DETHHAUS in details : 

DETHHAUS began as a two-piece bass-centered surf rock instrumental outfit consisting of Johnny Void (Johnny Void and The Others, X-Ray Youth) and Justin Welch (of Brit-pop royalty Elastica fame).

Now bringing in Rajko Mud from School For The Blind to form a three piece, DETHHAUS’s new EP “DETHHAUS 2” continues down the path their first outing started, but with one major difference: whereas their first release was all instrumentals, this time Johnny Void (guitar, bass) adds his melodic vocals to the mix!

In two new tunes, Justin Welch and Johnny Void are joined by Rajko Mud (keyboard, backup vocals) for an all-new chapter in DETHHAUS’s sonic journey. Recorded in both the United States and England, the music was produced in Central Florida by Johnny Void at Room 101.