Prepare to swoon over your about-to-be current obsession, Meet Evan Sternbach, a 22-year-old upcoming pop sensation from Philadelphia, a recent graduate unapologetically captivating a global audience with his soothing melodies and deeply profound lyrics. Evan’s journey from college student to a budding singer-songwriter has been remarkable and this is just the start…

Evan Sternbach’s artistic journey began in college when he realised his true calling: creating enchantment and inspiring others via music. Evan’s dedication to his craft got greater as he improved his talents and developed his own voice. Despite just being a singer-songwriter for a few years, his natural ability shows through in every note he sings; it’s no surprise he’s captured hearts all around the world, with his most popular tracks so far “Lesser Degree,” “Your Song,” and “One Way Flight.” 

Evan Sternbach’s influences range across genres, drawing inspiration from numerous musical icons. Evan’s musical palette is a vivid blend that offers a unique and compelling experience, ranging from the passionate Ed Sheeran to the anthemic sounds of OneRepublic and even the lyrical brilliance of J. Cole, so let this be your first sign to become a truly dedicated fan before he’s selling out arenas all over the world.

Evan’s objective is simple yet powerful: to create music that genuinely connects with listeners and leaves an impression, and his newest release is about to do this to a whole new level.  “I Guess We’ll Never Know” redefines storytelling in music as it portrays a retelling of several events from his late adolescence, and crafts a tapestry of feelings and experiences to which many can connect. Each incident depicted in the song may have transpired differently, but they are all linked by a common thread of retrospective reflection. The pre-chorus and chorus act as anchors, bringing listeners into the past’s emotions and asking them to find unity in embracing the unknown and going on.

Evan Sternbach’s path is one of development, commitment, and artistic talent. His dedication to honesty and emotional resonance stays unbroken as he evolves as an artist. Evan is set to become a defining voice of his generation, making an everlasting impression on the world of music, with a bright future ahead of him, this charismatic, charming and passionate inspiration is about to change the world.

So what are you waiting for? Stream “I Guess We’ll Never Know” now and let the melody do the talking.