Italian artist Nico Donys releases the sunny “Bella”

Our artist of the day Nico Donys releases his new banger “Bella”. The Italian singer showcases his talent and potential for creating global hits and bringing positive energies to the table.

Indeed, “Bella” contains this unique and incomparable artistic approach, rocked by addictive Latin’s flow that soars above an energetic beat. This is honesty fresh air for our ears that started to get bored by the current tasteless trends.

The reggaeton rhythms instantly make you want to dance, and the uplifting lyrics will have you sing out loud, even if you don’t speak Italian. Nico Donys once again successfully managed to create captivating music that keeps listeners engaged. Indeed, his sound is destined to be heard by the masses worldwide as it has a huge commercial appeal.

Thanks to “Bella”, we forget about the grey days and it took us into a sunny musical moment. This is what we all needed before entering into the coldest days. “Bella” will make our whole winter and more!

If Nico Donys is already a star in Italia, he will without a doubt conquer a larger audience worldwide if he continues to release such gems.

Listen to “Bella” right now and add it to your favourite playlists.