Jonny Spalding is back with a new mixtape release: Community

Artist and songwriter Jonny Spalding is all about putting himself out there when it comes to highlighting his artistic pursuit and sharing his ideas, hopes and dreams with an audience. His most recent release, Community, is a perfect example of what he can accomplish. The production, to begin with, is absolutely on par with some of the very best tracks on the charts today, and it is not surprising to hear that Jonny is quickly turning heads, with more and more fans discovering his amazing songs.

Jonny’s music should definitely resonate with any fan of artists such as Frank Ocean, Anderson.Paak and Blackbear, only to name a couple. There is something quite immersive especially about Community’s production aesthetics, and the tone of the recording really suits the personality of Jonny’s flow and musical concept. This artist seems to be very connected with his music, making it easier for listeners to actually empathise with his vision and really tune in to what he wants to achieve musically.

Find out more about Jonny Spalding and do not miss out on Community. This release is currently available online now.

Stream the mixtape: