The Lost Gecko is back with a stunning new song: Snowdropping

The Lost Gecko is a band with a focus on capturing the melodic essence of indie and alternative music, with a strong focus on creating meaningful lyrics that are quite fresh and easy to relate to, especially if you are already familiar with the work of artists like The Fray or Daughtrey, only to mention but a few! Having said that, there is something about The Lost Gecko’s music which certainly might remind you of heavy hitters like Coldplay or Imagine Dragons, especially when it comes to the huge scope of this production and the clean soundscape that you can expect from the band.

Coming right out the gate with a fantastic brand new single, The Lost Gecko is here to conquer hearts with their most recent studio work: Snowdropping. A soothing, melodic piano texture introduces an indie-rock inspired guitar-bass and drum progression, while continuing to prioritized the beautifully earnest vocals that make this release so very special.

Find out more about Snowdropping, and do not miss out on more music from The Lost Gecko!

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