Latest News on Actor & Producer Mauricio Mendoza of True Form Films & Shortcut 2 Hollywood!

True Form Films production of MI AMOR wins the VANGUARDIA Award (most positive of the Official Latino Film Festival)! Yeniffer Behrens and Mauricio Mendoza are the founders of True Form Films, Inc., and the latest acting school, Shortcut 2 Hollywood.

Yeniffer is known for her roles in The Way Back, Boston Legal, JAG, The Agency, Nip/ Tuck, ABC’s General Hospital, C.S.I., and many others. Her husband, Mauricio Mendoza, is most known for his roles in Resurrection Blvd., Blow with actor Johnny Depp, La Quinceañera, East Los High, Hacienda Heights, Criminal Minds, The Last Man on Earth, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larceny with Dolph Lundren, Crave-The Fast Life, and more.

Mauricio was nominated for the ALMA (Award for Outstanding Actor) in a New Television Series. In a recent interview, Mauricio confirmed his upcoming projects and recent roles, but first, find out below about the exclusive acting school founded by Yeniffer and Mauricio.

Shortcut 2 Hollywood, an acting studio program created by Hollywood power couple Yeniffer Behrens and Mauricio Mendoza, is becoming one of the most insightful and successful acting schools for actors in LA.

The acting program is bilingual in both English and Spanish and offers both in-person and virtual classes. Shortcut 2 Hollywood helps actors to Greenlight their careers and guides actors through all the steps to get representation, audition, and book roles.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, Yeniffer and Mauricio train, not only actors and actresses to improve their skills, but also how to have entrepreneurial qualities to successfully sell themselves when walking into a casting room. They also train actors and filmmakers with many other valuable industry secrets that they have learned over the course of their careers. Actors who attended Shortcut 2 Hollywood have seen immediate results, including signing with agents to having multiple auditions and bookings within months. All actors who are a part of the Shortcut 2 Hollywood program will also get live audition notifications for any True Form Films project.