Talent News: Versatile Actor Canaan John Dewey Talks His Latest Projects !

American actor, author, and fashion designer Canaan John Dewey was born in New Jersey and is now based in heart of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles, California. Canaan is known for being versatile and talented in the arts, with his experience in writing, directing, graphic design, co-hosting podcasts, and photography, among other artistic pursuits.

Canaan is a SAG-AFTRA member! His award-winning performance in the short film “Last Tonight,” as well as his roles in “Chirp, Buzz, and Other Sensations” and “The Education of a Negro,” have made him more well-known in the film industry. For the most recent information about actor Canaan Dewey, continue reading below! Read further as he confirms his latest projects.

“Besides being dramatic, I’ve always had a knack for graphic design and art which has led me to create ‘CANAANWEAR’. My artistic expression has materialized into a vibrant and edgy sportswear brand, that I’m very proud of.

I co-host a podcast about love, dating, and relationships called “Date Smarter. Sexier” with professional matchmaker Andrea LaRosa. Many of my side projects can be seen on my main website canaandewey.com. As far as a random skill or hobby, I’ve become quite good at archery and oddly, I’ve built up quite a collection of kilts. I post a lot of my kilted looks on an Instagram page called @thekiltednegro. I tend to be attracted to rebellious styles and artistic expressions.” – Canaan John Dewey

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