Let’s ride with Mr. Johnny Ba$h – EXPOSURE THERAPY

Retro, authentic sonorities and a lot of happiness: this is what you’ll have the pleasure to enjoy thanks to “EXPOSURE THERAPY” by Mr. Johnny Ba$h.

The track and the video that accompanies it deliver a pure rock vibe, tinted by some post-punk colours. “EXPOSURE THERAPY”, through the guitars, the vocal performance and the sound recipe, pays homage to the 70’s classic sound for our greatest delight.

Short but intense, crazy and addictive, Mr. Johnny Ba$h’s music is appealing and will make you disconnect from your daily routine and the same old mainstream tasteless music.

It is the best discovery for our weekend, a musical moment that allows us to let go, to feel good, free, and happy. Don’t wait any longer to discover this superb Post Punk New Wave energy of a passionate rockers. It’s right here, below:

The album artwork for this song was done by his girlfriend Delilah De La Cerda. Here is a link to her IG account for her artwork: