Love Ghost team up with Waynewood and Milli Smoke on “Junkie”

We have good news for this new musical season: one of our favorite band, Love Ghost (you already know them if you are from this earth), has dropped today a new gift: “Junkie”, in collaboration with Waynewood and Milli Smoke.

The song, an image for how addictions and mental issues can lead to nihilistic minutes and lifestyle, unveils epic production between hip-hop and melodic instrumentations, appealing flows going from rap to rock vocal lines, and lyrical content that will speak to more than one. 

Creativity, quality, deep artistic vision: this is what we call real music and art. “Junkie” is absolutely fire, addictive and with a huge replay value. One of the best song of early 2021. 

Be ready to dive into the experience right now, it will never leave you:


“I got blue bands on me, burning all my money, she can never fix me, maybe I’m a junkie.”

“Fragile like a rose, unravel and decompose, imagine me breaking in your hands.”

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